Community Partners

United Way Grant

AzGEC is collaborating with United Way to create six volunteer information sheets on topics such as: falls, elder abuse, nutrition and communication.These sheets will be used for community volunteers who visit older adults in their homes.  We encourage community organizations to incorporate these sheets into their volunteer training curriculum.

Volunteer and Home Visitor Information Sheets provide community volunteers basic background information, helpful tips and community resources on various issues and health concerns for the elderly population. We encourage community volunteer agencies to use the below topics as part of their training curriculum:

  • Fall Risk and Home Safety
  • Communicating with Older Adults
  • Medication Management
  • Elder Abuse and Exploitation
  • Interpreting Changes Over Time
  • Nutrition

English and Spanish translations of all information sheets are available free of charge at:

Tohono O’odham Nation Elder Abuse Awareness and Intervention Grant

This is an Administration on Aging (AOA) grant collaborating with ACOA and AzGEC to support the Tohono O’odham Nation by creating a four-hour training curriculum on elder abuse awareness and prevention designed for professionals and para-professionals including assessment tools.