Interprofessional Senior Mentor Program (IPSMP)


IPSMPProgram of the University of Arizona the IPSMP increases student exposure to healthy older adults, allowing them to get to know an older adult in a more positive way and reducing stereotypes about aging. This out-of-classroom experience increases geriatric knowledge and adds breadth and depth to the geriatric content in current health sciences curriculum, improving the way future health professionals will care for older adults.










Activity 1  - Reading 1

Activity 2

Activity 3 - Interprofessional Team Meeting for students only - Case Review

Activity 4 - Shared Activity, no assignment, no script - just do something together you both enjoy 


Communicating with Older Adults

Activity 3 - Team Meeting Reading 1

Activity 3 - Team Meeting Reading 2

Activity 3 - Team Meeting Reading 3