Flinn Grant


Precision medicine provides a unique opportunity to drive the development of more accurate classification of disease, and to enhance diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that individual patients get the right treatment, at the right dose and time, with minimum adverse consequences and maximum effectiveness. It will require unprecedented collaboration among scientists and clinicians, and will require incorporation of new biomedical technologies. In this two-year proposal, we propose to foster the development of a transformative cross-Arizona research infrastructure, allowing integration of emerging bioengineering technologies in the clinically relevant area of aging and cognition.

Clinical Projects

Our goal is to improve balance and cognitive function in individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Our hypothesis is that sensor-based exercise training will improve performance in motor and complex attention-related tasks (dual-tasks) compared to a control group (i.e., larger pre- to post- changes in quantifiable metricsof balance, gait as measured under single- and dual-task conditions).

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