Heather Bimonte-Nelson, PhD

Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

Affiliate, Arizona Center on Aging

Research Interest: 

The research goals of our laboratory are to characterize the cognitive and brain changes that occur during aging, as well as to develop behavioral, pharmacological, and dietary strategies to attenuate mnemonic and neurobiological age-related alterations using rodent models. Towards this goal, one of our primary interests is to determine the roles that sex, hormones, and brain chemistry play in brain function and cognition during aging. Our interests incorporate these goals with relevance to Alzheimer's disease-related variables. An overarching goal of the laboratory is to understand hormone, brain, and cognitive changes that occur with menopause, hormone therapy, and other exogenous hormone exposures through the lifespan. In addition, one of our long-term goals is to apply these research questions to humans, focusing on optimizing women's health and quality and life.