Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPEP)

Arizona Health Sciences

Interprofessional Education and Practice Program (IPEP)
At St. Luke's Home, Tucson, AZ


Arizona Center on Aging

As our population ages and older adults live longer, we need to find successful strategies to keep elders living vital, independent lives. An important component of this is to train health care professionals in the care of older adults.  

St. Lukes Home

We provide learning activities that help students achieve core interprofessional and geriatric competencies through:

  • Monthly Clinics which provide student healthcare teams an opportunity to build vital interprofessional geriatric skills.
  • Informal Health Promotion Presentations that inform and educate residents about important  aging-related health topics by local experts.
  • Social Events to provide engagement between Elders, students, and care partners.
  • Community Engagement Projects that enrich  Elders and promote socialization and well-being. 
Eden Alternative

IPEP Student Benefits:

  • Elders educating students and students educating Elders
  • Experience delivering person-centered care in an underserved community
  • Ability to practice elder communication, assessment and planning skills supervised by geriatric content experts 
  • Support Elders in self-care education at their health-literacy level 
  • Experience working in IP teams, learning to value other professions and work collaborative  

Elder Benefits

  • Focused listening
  • Opportunity to mentor; Socializing with young people
  • Receiving care rather than treatment
  • Sooths fears and misconceptions; a safe environment to voice concerns
  • Deeper understanding of self-care & health problems
  • Content experts refer, follow-up, counsel when appropriate


Provide authentic resident-centered interprofessional geriatric education and training to Arizona Health Sciences Center and other students within the St. Luke’s Home practice setting, resulting in enhanced St. Luke’s Home Elder health and well-being, and future providers who are collaboration-ready and better prepared to care for older adults. 

Video: St. Luke’s Elders Applaud IPEP Program


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