Healthy Brain Research Network



The Arizona Center on Aging's Healthy Brain Research Network (HBRN) Collaboring Center

One of five Collaborating Centers of the CDC Healthy Brain Research Network, the University of Arizona (AZ) HBRNs works in close partnership with the CDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program (AD+HAP), HBRN affiliates and national, regional and local partners to ensure that the HBRN advances a public health research and translation agenda for cognitive health and healthy aging.



“ The Healthy Brain Initiative envisions a nation in which the public embraces cognitive health as a vital component of health and is committed to its inclusion in public health efforts. To achieve that vision, our goal is to maintain or improve the cognitive performance of all adults.”

Our research emphasizes HBRN Research Goal # 2: Research to improve prevention of cognitive impairment for older adults with cognitive impairment, to improve identification, appropriate diagnosis, access to, and appropriate use of clinical and supportive services in primary care and public health settings.

Network activities will build on the mission of CDC’s Healthy Brain Research Network to:

  • Better understand attitudes and perceived changes in cognitive functioning over time through public health surveillance.
  • Build a strong evidence base for communication (e.g., messaging) and programmatic interventions to improve or maintain cognitive function.
  • Translate that evidence base into effective public health programs and practices in states and communities.

CDC Healthy Brain Inititiative:

Public Health Road Map for State and National Partnerships, 2013 - 2018

Statewide Collaborators:

National Collaborators:

CDC Healthy Brain Research Network Collaborating Center (PIs: Mohler/Fain) 07/01/2014 - 06/30/2019 Grant 3U48DP005002-01S4

This project is an initiative through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Aging Program. 

  • Co-PI: Jane Mohler, NP-C, MSN, MPH, PhD (Assoc. Dir ACOA;Co-PI AZ-GWEP & ADRD Add-on)
  • Co-PI: Mindy Fain, MD (Co-Director, ACOA; Co-PI: AZ-GWEP & ADRD Add-on)

  • Research Scholar: Nima Toosizadeh, PhD (Bioengineering & Cognition Research)
  • Associate: Ed Zamrini, MD (Neurologist, Banner sun Health Research Institute)
  • Associate: Nan-Kuei Chen, PhD (BME – Imaging)
  • Associate: Melisa Menchola, PhD (Neuropsychologist)
  • Associate: Steve Rapcsak, MD (Neurologist)
  • Associate: Babak Nayeri, ND, FACFE, DAAPM (ADHS Healthy Aging Liaison)

  • HBRN Scholar: Hossein Ehsani (post-doc bioengineering and aging 2018)
  • HBRN Scholar: Coco Tirambulo, BS (pre-med 2018)
  • HBRN Scholar: Rachel Peterson (DPH doctoral program 2019)
  • HBRN Scholar:  Carolyn Mills (BS Student PH, Internship 2018)
  • HBRN Scholar:  Laura Vitkus (MPH Student, 2018)   
  • HBRN Scholar:  Sarah Fakhoury (BS Student BME, ASU 2018)   
  • HBRN Scholar:  Daniel Gaytan-Jenkins (BS Student BME, ASU 2018)   
  • HBRN Scholar:  Antonio Lopez (BS Student BME, ASU 2018)