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ADRD Fact Sheets and ADRD Professional Elder Care Provider Sheet dissemination across AZ in collaboration with GWEP We work closely with the AZ-PRC, AZ-CHOW, the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Alzheimer’s Association and the AZ-GWEP to design and provide training to CHWs/ CHRs in the area of ADRD. A compendium of ADRD Care Partner materials has been designed in English and Spanish, http://aging.arizona.edu/content/care-partner-sheets and annual conferences held in collaboration with AZ-CHOW emphasizing communication, screening and referral of community members with ADRD.

Primary Care Assessment and Referral Of Cognitive Impairment Within Primary Care Settings

Our association with Banner Health Systems has allowed us to make potentially significant impact in primary care assessment and referral of cognitive impairment within primary care settings. Building upon pilot work, Banner moved forward with a CPG, systematically developing care processes including the new GO505 code. This holds high potential for roll-out across their large health care system, with potential for significant impact. Please contact Mindy Fain, MD to learn more.

Community Health Worker Outreach Training in Cognition Assessment and Referral

Our Community Health Worker Outreach training in cognition assessment and referral in collaboration with the ADHS and the Alz Assn is innovative and potentially important in reaching Spanish rural dwelling elders and their families, with high public health potential. The goal of the training is to increase awareness of dementia signs and symptoms, and prepare participants to provide appropriate education and referrals for community-dwelling older adults and their families. The training is in the early stages of establishing its evidence base through pre- and post-assessments of knowledge; 12-week follow up to identify knowledge retention, use of skills and appropriateness of the tools for the population; and monitoring referrals to the Alzheimer’s Association. Please contact: Rachel L. Peterson to obtain curriculum.

Dr. Nima Toosizadeh's Research

More: Dr. Nima Toosizadeh's Research  

Upper-extremity Function (UEF) - Assessing Physical and Cognitive Frailty in Older adults

This research seeks to change current risk stratification and adverse health outcomes prediction paradigms among older adults, by utilizing novel biomechanical approaches and wearable sensor technology. Using this test we are able to objectively assess:

  • Frailty
  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Functional Capacity