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Healthy Together Care Partnership (HTCP) is a home and community-based care program that offers an inter-professional, team-based approach to care for patients with high needs and high health care costs. In partnership with the patient, family, PCP, specialists and other community-based providers, HTCP provides an extra layer of at-home support to align services and increase independence during times of transition and heightened vulnerability. 

Contact Information

Telephone: (520) 626-5813
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 PM
University Family Care 24-hours: 1-800-582-8686


  • Achieve appropriate use of hospitals and emergency services
  • Increase quality of life
  • Improve patient care with cost effective treatments
  • Improve provider and patient satisfaction


  • Reduction in Inpatient Admissions
  • Less Use Emergency Departments
  • Improved Diabetes Management
  • Reduced Medical Expenses for Patients
  • Develop care plan to address and improve patients individual health care need


The Healthy University (Healthy U) program curriculum has been designed to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, improving patient-perceived health status, increasing access to and effective engagement with primary care, and extending primary care into the home, enabling PCPs to be more effective and productive.

  • Support for sustainable health behavior change through integrated, patient-centered approaches
  • Establishment of a patient empowerment ‘curriculum’ focused on the psychosocial and environmental barriers to care
  • Utilization of evidence-based community health and peer support practices
  • Reinforcement of positive health behaviors and intrinsic rewards received through accomplishment of goals (completion of Healthy U)


  • Patient can articulate medical conditions and how to recognize and manage red flags
  • Patient can articulate medications, what they are for, and how to use them
  • Patient has set at least one health management goal
  • Patient has had a visit with designated PCP and knows how to access care
  • Patient can articulate relevant preventive health measures and advance care planning 
  • Patient can articulate support systems (family, health, community)


“What we as primary care providers in the current model cannot do is reach into the lives of the ones we are responsible for when they need it most to offer appropriate and timely care solutions.  Our Healthy Together Care Partnership colleagues exist to do this.”

– Primary Care Provider, Banner University Medical Group

“The staff is efficient, dependable, and have sincere interest in my health. Talking to the pharmacist on the team was great.”

- Mr. S., Patient Partner